Golden Dots



No one is you,

and that is your power

Dave Grohl

Awakening coach, top 10 in yahoo finance, mum and life student

I'm an Awakening coach, mum and happy wife. I love having fun, enjoy a good glass of wine, good food, nature, music and a really good laugh.

My mission in life is to help others live a life that's fulfilling, powerful and on purpose. I believe we are all spirits in a human body and most of us have forgotten what we are truly capable of in our human life.

Sometimes we may nail our physical aspects, maybe even our mental aspects is on point too, but our spiritual aspect is missing. I believe that we are an integration of all these aspects, and more, but the more we can connect with that forgotten part of ourselves, the more whole we can feel again. 

On my own journey of self discovery, I have gone in and out of all of these at different times of my life.

I have always been intrigued with what makes people tick and have been fascinated with the human potential and have learned about it for a long time now.

The way the world is now, there is such a chance for us to truly master our self and live into our full potential (which I totally get sounds like a typical run of the mill coach thing to say - ha). I find it sad that so many don't know what they are truly capable of and are living a life of groundhog day. There is much work to be done and I will be committed to this mission until the day I leave this earth.

I have many ways you can tap in for free to this expanded way of living and also a couple more personalised options for an investment suited to all budgets.

Thank you for being here and may you be guided to live the best possible existence you can...

Image by Katie Harp