I'm Tash!

i get you !

* What can I do?

* What am I good at?

* What is my purpose?

* What are my gifts?

* How can I serve the world & make a great impact?

* Surely, there's more!?

Yes, you're absolutely right! 

There IS more... you intuitive mini buddha...

You've been playing small, but you aren't to blame.


You didn't really know until you knew, or maybe even reading this?!


See we can get stuck in our jobs, friendships, partnerships or anything in life that isn't in alignment with us anymore.


Not being in alignment looks like frustration, anger, sadness, not feeling complete, feeling a little lost, being awake at night feeling like a part of your soul is somewhere but you don't know where and how to find it?

It feels like groundhog day, like what's the point of all this?

I know, I've been there.


I've stood in the exact same position as you and asked myself all these questions for years until I learned a way of living that transformed my life forever.

I had to find my fire, light up my soul, turn up my own light and take action towards my soul aligned path & serve others.

I removed limiting beliefs, self doubt, negative stories and plunged into a life that was bigger than I ever thought possible.

This is what I LOVE to share with others.

How to be self aware, live intuitively, make life decisions with confidence and how to step into your highest potential as a human.

Now I get to live every day in complete joy, freedom and contentment. I am a life purpose coach wholeheartedly dedicated to helping others in what I call servant leadership.


I walk with you, support you, understand you and encourage you. I will never ask you to go deeper than I have gone myself. Even in the most difficult times, we need to get up and keep going.

Christian D Larson says

" Believe in yourself and all that you are, know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. "

I'm honest with you, hold you accountable and assist you in your growth so that you can have this too.

It is not always easy, but for the ones who have a burning desire to live more fully, it is a divine responsibility!

You know if this is you. Because you can feel it!

If so, we should have a conversation...