About me

I have always wanted to find that spiritual connection in my life.

I had a very spiritual experience at 7 years old when I had a near death experience from an asthma attack. Thanks to the amazing medical staff, I was revived. Although, in the moment where I was 'seeing the light' as they say, I had a choice to come back or to stay. I knew my time was not up. I had a mission to fulfil. As we all do.

I always knew there was more out there, something much, much bigger than myself.

In my experience, when I have been without any spiritual connection, I always felt unfulfilled and that there was something missing. I felt a lack in joy, fulfilment and true inner peace.

Growing up in a religious Christian household I was exposed to my spiritual side since I was born. I'm grateful for that.

I have spent my life delving in to lots of different aspects of spirituality to find the missing pieces and unanswered questions I always had growing up in the confinement of the Church.

I have been on a lot of soul searching in my life and not without difficulty.

I have come from a lot of judgment within myself, blame, anger, stories, limiting beliefs & more, and have reached a place where when this happens now, I have all the tools I need to overcome anything that life throws at me.

I believe so many need to learn this, too, and my gift and passion is to share this with others. 

I believe we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and so embodying your connection with yourself spiritually is something we all need to function at our highest level, however that may look to you. My greatest joy is to help others put pieces of their life together again.

I have always been fascinated by other religions and beliefs and I truly believe at the heart of every belief, are the same guiding principles...


To live with love.

On a less serious note...

Some other things about me include the love of music, dance, art, reading, nature, laughing and being with my family.


I love rap and opera.

I love coffee + wine and I also love kombucha.

I love cheese platters and I love a good wholesome healthy meal. 

I love being social, but I also love being at home alone or with my family.

I love Netflix and I also love reading contemplative literature in solitude.

I am so deep sometimes but I also love being silly and fun.

I live many different sides of the coin and I believe in living with balance and just enjoying life how it is meant to be enjoyed. Not taking anything too seriously, but doing so when it's appropriate.