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With any of the work I do, I work on a deep level level where you get to question your beliefs, be open minded on your quest to self exploration. My job is to ask good questions only, and never to force opinion or beliefs onto you. My mission is to empower you to think deeply for yourself and access your own internal knowing by leaning into your intuition.

I will help remove away limiting thoughts you may have about yourself, the world, or others so that you can be empowered and inspired to live in the magic of your potential. 

I will help redefine what success, freedom, manifestation, purpose, money and spirituality means. A lot of the time these subjects have a 'common' meaning but I will help you open your heart and know what it means to YOU. It is different for all of us.

My main ethos is that you learn to search within more and more so that you are less reliant on outside forces and more self reliant so that you are in your own power, as you were designed to be. My hope is that clients do not need me for a long time and that they move forward and find another teacher that helps them grow more. I believe we all need many perspectives from many people and that is how we can learn to discern and do what feels right to us individually.

I have a way of helping people shift their perspective so that they feel at ease, at peace and in control of their emotions and situations.

Take a look below and see what option may best fit you right now to work with me...

Again, thank you for being here, I appreciate you.

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I have created an online community so that I can support you in your spiritual awakening and raising of consciousness.

In this community I offer teachings, clarity and guidance and 1:1 support as you go on your awakening journey.

If you are interested in wanting to become the highest version of you for yourself or to help others too, I would be honoured to have you in this amazing supportive community.


- Monthly classes

- Meditations/Activations/Online Circles

- Homework to embody teachings

- Live Q&A & hot seat coaching

- Channeled messages for collective

- Bonus sessions



A 6 week intensive program to master the self, perceive the world through source’s eye and gain clarity and balance in a time of chaos and confusion.

I was deeply called to create this and have created something similar before, but it was not time.

Now I feel it is TIME!!! Time for us to gain new perspective on life as things may not shift and for things to shift we need to shift ourselves first.

~Are you feeling scared, stuck and unsure which direction to take at the moment?

~Are you needing more clarity and balance?

~Are you repeating the same experiences over and over?

~Do you feel like you are being judged or you are finding it hard not to judge others?

~Do you feel like maybe you are mostly happy even, but there’s something still missing?

~Would you like to be more emotionally intelligent?

~Are you getting triggered easily?

~Do you feel like you’re on autopilot or even a bit lonely?

~Maybe you’re even getting signs but not sure what to do with it all?

~Maybe you are tired of learning about manifesting and abundance and you still can’t receive what you desire?

Well all this… and much, much more… is exactly what I’m offering in this intensive.

Book an alignment call with me to see if this is something that will help you!

This is my low end offer!



A 10 week journey to having an aligned business, being in your power and creating impactful change.

This is my 1:1 coaching program designed to help you be confident in stepping int your new coaching/healing practice and start earning for your passionate soul work.

You have the certifications, have done the workshops, attended online summits and you have all you need except the courage.

If this sounds like you, let's have a conversation to see if it is the right fit for you.

This is my high end offer!

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