It is my passion to EMPOWER as many WOMEN as I can to grow on a personal level so they can have the most joy in their life, business and relationships.

This group will help you stay connected to yourself and start receiving your own inner guidance and live in alignment with your soul.

Unleash your power, release those fears & CREATE A LIFE YOU ADORE!

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"I feel held by Natasha by being in this group, even though I live on other side of the world. I value the sense of community she has created, and her unfailing support. I really benefit from her grounding practices, and it feels like I have wisdom on a drip 24/7!"

1-1 Clarity + Guidance sessions tailored to you and your needs.

These are for those who just need some guidance and a little push in the right direction to be in alignment with you.

You will receive coaching, home exercise and a follow up call after your appointment.

These are 75 mins via online video call (zoom) and we will go through your goals and dig deeper in to how I can support you best on your journey.

You can book in a time that resonates with you.

Alternatively, we can have a free consultation via zoom for up to 2 hours if needed to see what kind of coaching service suits you and your goals best.

​" Half way through the call, I had such an ‘ah ha’ moment that had put so much into perspective. I know choose to really connect to my truth, my inner wisdom and remain focused on my energy. I feel a MASSIVE shift already in myself, and am actually excited about the upcoming week. "

Healing Massages and Energy Healing are operated out of my home on Gold Coast, Australia.

I incorporate Energy Healing in my massages along with crystals, singing bowls/medicine drum and mindfulness.

At the end of the session you receive a mini card reading with extra intuitive guidance.

You can find a time that suits you.

" Your gifts are truly a blessing and I will be forever grateful.
If you are guided to see Natasha, take the step.
You won’t regret it, I promise.
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. "